Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Total members: 117.524 (26 June 2017)




The government of Mr Ashraf Ghani came to power on the basis of fraudulent elections in September



The official term of this government ended on 22 May 2019. Despite this fact, however, Mr Ashraf Ghani wants to continue governing. He dismissed some ministers after 22 May 2019 and ordered the release of 886 prisoners on 4 June 2019, although he has no legal power to take these decisions. We condemn his actions because the released prisoners could be terrorists, murderers, and criminals. Our brave soldiers and police officers have fought for years in life-threatening missions to put these criminals behind bars. Ashraf Ghani's plan to release these people makes him a traitor. We will have this case investigated if we take office. And Mr Ashraf Ghani will suffer the consequences.


US Special Envoy Mr Zalmai Khalilzad, the Afghan people, and the Taliban have made it clear that their current priority is the peace we all long for. However, as long as Mr Ashraf Ghani holds onto the reins of power, whether it is one year or five, there will be no peace in Afghanistan. Mr Ashraf Ghani does not seek peace. It does not seem to matter to him that several thousand of our people die each year as a result of the ongoing war. He is only concerned with holding on to power. The Taliban has repeatedly stated, including at the May 2019 meeting in Moscow, that they are unwilling to hold direct peace talks with Mr Ashraf Ghani. We understand the Taliban's rejection of Mr Ashraf Ghani, especially since both the Afghan people and the Taliban realize that Mr Ashraf Ghani is a traitor and a liar. It is possible that this is the reason why the Taliban rejected the Eid-al-Fitr ceasefire they would otherwise have agreed to. When we take over, we believe it will be possible to achieve lasting peace in three months. Both the Afghan people and the Taliban have become tired of war. This has therefore increased the chances of a peaceful solution to the conflict.


About two years ago, we learned through an informant that Mr Ashraf Ghani was having sexual relations with a lady whom we will not name here. We did not take the matter seriously at the time because we considered it Mr Ashraf Ghani's private business.


In May 2019, General Habibullah Ahmadzai said in a television interview that some of Ashraf Ghani's closest confidants in the presidential palace have been having sexual relations with women who in return would receive government offices. We thank Mr Ahmadzai for bringing this to light. Given this updated information, we searched the internet for the name of the lady we heard about from our informant two years ago and discovered that she is currently serving as ambassador to a European country. It is therefore possible that this lady was named to this position as ambassador in the manner described above.  This is shameful for Afghanistan and the Afghan people. The Presidential Palace is not a brothel, but a place of politics for Afghanistan and the world. According to our information, Mr Ashraf Ghani and his advisers Mr Fazal Fazli and Mr Hamdullah Muhib are allegedly involved in the sex scandal and several other offences. Therefore, all three should be kicked out of the Presidential Palace. As we mentioned in our letter of 23 May 2019, Mr Ashraf Ghani and his wife Roula Ghani should be put under house arrest in a 2-room apartment. Given Mr Ghani's aggressive nature, necessary measures should be taken to prevent a possible risk of suicide. The other two accused, Mr Fazal Fazli and Mr Hamdullah Muhib, should be detained in individual rooms and held accountable by the judiciary.  


As a rule, we do not seek to interfere in people's private lives. In the present case, however, it is scandalous that government offices may have been assigned on the basis of sexual relations. The women allegedly involved should, in our opinion, be acquitted because they were acting under duress.


Mr Ashraf Ghani is afraid of prosecution for treason, corruption, nepotism, and misuse of his office for sexual relations. He is trying to stay in power in order to protect himself and his friends from justice. According to our information, the attorney general is a friend of Mr Ashraf Ghani. We do not know whether this friendship persists.


We call on all Afghans to join forces with the help of Interior and Defence Ministries to push these criminals out of power.


When we assume control of the government, we will have all of the official acts of Mr Ashraf Ghani and his finances from the time he took office through 22 May 2019 examined by a team of experts. We do not recognize the acts undertaken by Mr Ashraf Ghani since 22 May 2019 in either domestic or foreign policy, because his continuation in power beyond that date constitutes a violation of the Constitution.

With best wishes


Hayattullah Maiwand   

1.Chairman of FDPA