Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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President Ashraf Ghani and his government have long since been a failure. Likewise, this government has completely failed in the current parliamentary elections.


Election observers and residents of several provinces confirm that the electoral commission has not fulfilled its tasks and responsibilities in the organisation of the parliamentary elections. Many election observers were not even allowed into the polling stations. The election observers called these the most chaotic elections in the history of Afghanistan.


Many citizens went to the polling stations to vote, but were unable to do so because the electoral lists or ballot papers were missing or their names were not found on the electoral roll.


It was reported many times that at numerous polling stations, the biometric devices for voter registration were missing or did not work or the responsible persons were not familiar with their operation. Eyewitnesses reported that at many polling stations, local staff or influential rulers took home biometric data acquisition equipment, including ballot papers in order to manipulate them.


FEFA (Free and fair Electoral Forum of Afghanistan) said that these were organisationally very bad and chaotic elections.


TEFA (Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan) also criticised the poor management of the electoral commission, citing problems in elections such as biometric device defects, lack of electoral documents and chaos, which prevented a large number of citizens from casting their votes.


Many citizens complained that they had registered in electoral lists in good time, but their names were missing from the electoral rolls, and they were denied the opportunity to vote. That is why they consider these elections as symbolic, an attempt to feign democracy.


Several hundred polling stations remained completely closed. Many polling stations did not open until 15:00, but closed again after a short time. There are indications that in many polling stations before they were opened as well as after their closing between 20:00 and 21:00, ballot boxes were filled by electoral staff or fraudsters. In numerous cases it has been reported that voters were paid money to buy votes.


It was also learned that at some polling stations it appears that deliberately no election material was provided possibly to influence election results.


According to the election complaints commission, so far more than 5,000 complaints or notifications have been received there.


As Mr. Ashraf Ghani and his government have repeatedly trampled on the law, the law was also broken in these elections, as the elections were extended to the second day.


The parliamentary elections were manipulated to a degree of over 70%, in which the rulers of the Afghan government are significantly involved. By means of this the government wants to bring about a weak parliament for a possible next term of office. The majority of candidates for the parliament are just not suitable. The chaos and election corruption described above are a disgrace for Ashraf Ghani and his government.


Furthermore, the parliamentary elections were overshadowed by violence because the Afghan government also failed to ensure the safety of citizens during the vote. Approximately 170 innocent civilians were killed or injured as victims of attacks during the parliamentary elections.


In addition, the cost of more than 100 million USD for the parliamentary elections was a significant waste of money.


We thank several Afghan broadcasters as well as the Afghan citizens who, through their reporting and complaints about the election process, have brought the alleged election frauds to light.


Many politicians have criticised the Afghan government for these chaotic circumstances and the manipulation allegations in the parliamentary elections.


The majority of the Afghan people including us are not satisfied with the parliamentary elections.


The Afghan people and we demand: the parliament of Afghanistan must not be occupied by mafia again.


We at the FDPA do not want to recognise and do not accept these parliamentary elections.

Yours faithfully,


Hayattullah Maiwand

1st Chairman of the FDPA