Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Dear ladies and gentlemen,


The Afghan government officially started issuing electronic identity cards on 03.05.2018.

Among other things, the new electronic identity cards also include details of tribal affiliation. The list of tribes specified for this consists of a handful of the actual number of tribes in existence in Afghanistan.


We oppose the introduction of electronic ID cards in their current form, as details on the cards enhance tribal affiliation. This could lead to ethnic conflict among Afghans, both in present and future generations. A majority of the Afghan people, including politicians such as Mr. Abdullah Abdullah, oppose the introduction of electronic ID cards based on tribal identities. We welcome their support on this matter.


We demand that electronic ID cards comply with international standards. As such, they should contain information on the individual's first name, surname, nationality (Afghan), date of birth, place of birth, address, height and eye colour.


Mr. Ashraf Ghani is an inexperienced politician, and the above decision may incite the Afghan people.

We therefore strongly condemn the Ashraf Ghani government's plan to distribute electronic ID cards in their current form.


In the event that our party takes over government in Afghanistan, we will invalidate the current electronic ID cards and instead introduce new ID cards in line with international standards.


Inexperienced politicians such as President Ashraf Ghani are unable to provide security and stability in Afghanistan. To date Mr. Ashraf Ghani has not succeeded in making Kabul, the capital outside his palace, any safer. This lack of security is due to the corruption in which his government is involved.


The world community is helping to rebuild and stabilise Afghanistan with huge sums of money. Ashraf Ghani’s government is using these funds wastefully instead of investing them appropriately.


We therefore call for inexperienced politicians to resign from the Afghan government with immediate effect.


We are all one Afghan people.


Warmest regards,


Hayattullah Maiwand

1.Vorsitzende der FDPA