Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Total members: 117.524 (26 June 2017)




When the Karzai era ended in 2014, Messrs. Aschraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah influenced the presidential election by massive falsification and consequently took over the government in Afghanistan. Both during the election campaign and during their term of office, they made empty promises to the Afghan people and the world community. They promised to fight poverty and to double the bread of the people of Afghanistan. Furthermore, they also pledged to abolish unemployment, combat drugs, bring education to the level of the West, abolish corruption, safeguard women's rights, prevent violence against women, severely crack down on terrorism, end the war and bring peace and happiness to the country, improve the health care system, build up a wealthy homeland, liberate the illegally occupied state property from the possession of criminals among other things. Looking back it has gradually been revealed that these empty promises were all lies.


Mr. Aschraf Ghani travelled to many provinces such as Mazari-Sharif, Nangerhar, Khost, Paktia, Kandahar, Herat, Helmand and others. He promised those who lived in the provinces that he would build up their cities and make them prosperous. In reality, however, he has not carried out any significant work for the benefit of those who live in the provinces. The residents of the provinces have repeatedly complained to Ashraf Ghani by means of Afghan television stations, blaming him for making many empty promises and not putting any of them into action. The dissatisfied Afghan citizens were therefore very disappointed and demanded in front of television cameras that Mr. Ashraf Ghani resign. Several television channels retain evidence of this in their archives. We also want the immediate resignation of Ashraf Ghani. Since his election campaign in 2014 he has promised a lot, but so far 90% has been lies. 


Mr. Ashraf Ghani has not been able to set up a complete cabinet since the beginning of the government. He has suspended from service or retired many qualified individuals, including army generals with years of experience. Instead, he has used mostly young inexperienced officers, whom he has promoted to generals. Many government posts are sold by the government for cash payments in the amount of 100,000 USD to 1 million USD.


Speaking at the beginning of October 2018 about aid funds for Afghan journalists, Ashraf Ghani made his appeal to the Afghan people and said smilingly, “You are not paying any taxes anyway. But do support the journalist relief funds.” It is a disgrace for the Afghan president to address the people in this way regarding the non-payment of taxes and to smile while doing so. Ashraf Ghani has no control over his emotions. At his official meetings, if he is in a bad mood he insults the army generals and his advisors. Ashraf Ghani is just as emotional in his speeches, sometimes laughing, sometimes appearing loud and aggressive.


Compared to the times of the Karzai government, the situation in Afghanistan has continued to deteriorate since the takeover of Ashraf Ghani and his co-governing Abdullah Abdulla. Corruption in all areas has increased. Unemployment has continued to rise, with violence against women, drug cultivation and drug trafficking, rape, robbery, deportation or people, poverty, ethnic conflict and anarchy in all cities. The failed President Ashraf Ghani has made no progress for the country, on the contrary, he has caused it to take steps backwards. The failed president, who has always lied to the Afghan people, has caused the government responsible for 32 million Afghans to fail. He should apologise to the Afghan people and to the world community.


The wife of Ashraf Ghani comes from Lebanon. Ashraf Ghani has awarded many government contracts to Lebanese people to pay millions of dollars in commissions to his wife's relatives. In this way he wants to cover over the direct receipt of commissions and thereby not attract attention in public. His relatives in Afghanistan are also involved in corruption and nepotism as they receive bribes and illegal commissions. The co-governing Mr. Abdullah Abdullah is also involved in corruption and receiving illegal commissions. According to the latest SIGAR report, even the anti-corruption agency in Afghanistan is involved in corruption.


The president should not only take over the political leadership, but also the moral one. He should be the motor of the nation, leading people into a better present and into an even better future. This goal has not been achieved by the current president. In view of the national and international clique economy, Afghanistan seems to be vegetating under a cancerous growth. A mixture of parties, local princes, drug lords and clans are preventing the recovery of the country. As this government continues, this cancer continues to proliferate, with the result of growing corruption, growing poverty for the mass of Afghans and growing suffering.


Ashraf Ghani and his friends want to run for the office of Afghan president again. As a reason for his candidacy for another term of office Ashraf Ghani stated that he wants to complete the work already begun. This is a trick, once again to give false hopes to the Afghan people.


Ashraf Ghani and his gang of mafia will once again try to win the next presidential election with the help of tricks and massive falsifications in order to share their profits through a fake coalition after the election.


Ashraf Ghani wants to deceive and trick Afghans by promising free and transparent presidential elections. In the presidential election of 2014, he carried out massive electoral falsification and deceived the Afghan people and the world community. A renewed candidacy of Ashraf Ghani with his friends would be a disgrace for him. For the country Afghanistan it would be a disaster to be ruled again by such a mafia gang.


Even if Ashraf Ghani were not available for the next presidential election, his friends and mafia gang would appear as candidates to take over the government and power.


Over 70% of the Afghan parliamentary elections in October 2018 were manipulated and are therefore not accepted by us. All previous elections in Afghanistan were distorted. We and the majority of the Afghan people are sure that the presidential elections announced by Ashraf Ghani will be a one hundred percent failure.


According to the UNAMA report, the parliamentary elections of October 2018 were more bloody when compared with the previous 4 elections. The number of dead and injured amounted to 435 people.


Our neighbour Iran wants to get more water from the Afghan rivers. There is an agreement from 1973 between Afghanistan and Iran, signed during the reign of ex-King Zahir Shah by the Afghan Prime Minister Musa Shafiq and the Iranian Prime Minister Abas Huwaida to regulate the matter.  Our expectation from the afghan government is not to make more concessions to Iran concerning the water of Afghanistan, not even for cash payments. The waters of the Afghan rivers belong to the poor in Afghanistan and must not be given away.


We talk straight: We are in favour of US and international soldiers continuing to remain in Afghanistan to ensure security. We want to defeat the terrorists and not be intimidated by them.


Kind regards

Hayattullah Maiwand                                                                                                        

1.Chairman of the FDPA