Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Total members: 117.524 (26 June 2017)




Mr Ashraf Ghani and Mr Abdullah Abdullah both engaged in massive fraud during the 2014 presidential election. The Afghan mafia manipulated those elections with more than $100 million in bribes. Now those same two along with a few others are planning to run for president again and will once again engage in massive fraud. And the Afghan Mafia gang is once again behind it all determined to see their candidates win so that they can secure their profits. Over 70% of the Afghan parliamentary elections in October 2018 were manipulated. The election complaints commission has already received more than 10,000 complaints. The election commission's claim that it can separate valid votes from manipulated votes is impossible to implement in practice. It's like preparing a soup with dirty water and then trying to separate the dirty water from the soup again: it's practically impossible. Afghan elections to date have been an inseparable mélange of valid and falsified votes.


As reported on Afghan TV channels, those who currently hold the reins of power in the Afghan government are the same people who have stolen billions from the state's coffers, illegally occupied state-owned property, and generally treated the rule of law as well as Ashraf Ghani has treated the rules for fair elections. If an honest person would actually run for president in the future, he would have no chance at winning, since the opposing candidates and their supporters in the mafia gang will manipulate the elections with millions in bribes to ensure their candidates win.


If the Afghan Mafia once again steals the presidential elections, they would, as they did with the governments of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, fill the ministries, governorships, regional governments, customs and other government agencies, the military and the police with their cronies and siphon off income from corruption and state contracts for their own profit. They would also continue using various tricks to steal grants from the world community for their own personal enrichment.


32 million Afghans, especially the women, have already suffered long enough over 17 years under Karzai and Ghani. 54% of the Afghan population lives below the poverty line. Nevertheless, the Afghan mafia gang has not shied away from stealing enormous sums from the public purse.


Due to the massive electoral fraud, we do not recognise or accept the results of the parliamentary elections of October 2018.

The candidates that ran were not suitable for the office of Member of Parliament.  We want MPs with appropriate qualifications. They should be trained in constitutional law, women's rights, and government infrastructure by attending basic training courses that could last 3 to 6 months. They should then undergo appropriate examinations and only be admitted to parliamentary elections if they have successfully completed their studies.


There is currently no order and discipline in Afghanistan. Without order and discipline, there can be no free and transparent elections. Internal security is also an important prerequisite for the holding of elections. In the parliamentary elections in October 2018, 170 people were victims of terrorist attacks.


Mr Hamid Karzai and Mr Ashraf Ghani had both made assurances that they would hold free and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections. Previous elections and the most recent parliamentary elections of October 2018 have proved that these were lies designed to deceive the Afghan people.


Several elections have been held since Hamid Karzai took power. Under him and under Ashraf Ghani, each election has been marked with massive fraud. Hundreds of millions of dollars of state money were wasted on these elections.


The Afghan people want justice, freedom, women's rights, and honest government.


We will form a transitional government if we win a mandate to govern.

During this transitional phase, we will win the war against terrorists and secure peace. We will also combat corruption and drugs. We will ensure that internal security, justice, freedom, women's rights, order and discipline are established in Afghanistan. Once these objectives have been achieved, it would then be possible to hold free and transparent elections.


We respect the Afghan constitution and will implement it if we take over government.


With kind regards,



Hayattullah Maiwand

1th Chairman of the FDPA