Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Together we can be strong against terrorists!



Women in Afghanistan suffer under terrible circumstances. Young girls are forced into marriages. Women are beaten by their family members, sexually abused, held prisoner in their homes in order to deprive them of their freedom, murdered by violent acts, and much more.

During President Ghani's time in office, the situation of women and their rights in Afghanistan have continued to deteriorate.


These women are our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters.

If we take over the government, we will strengthen their rights and restore the freedoms they were granted by King Amanullah Khan about 100 years ago.


President Ghani's government is involved in corruption and nepotism. Corruption and chaos can be found far and wide, including government ministries, the military, the police, the judiciary, customs officials, administrative offices, education, and so forth. Whenever government contracts are awarded, high-ranking officials regularly collect illegal bribes. We will fight corruption with tough penalties if we take over the government.

Almost a billion dollars have disappeared in the Kabul Bank scandal. The transparent investigation of the scandal as promised by the government of Afghanistan has not made much progress.


After the events of 11 September 2001, the US and the world community sought to create peace, order, and democracy in Afghanistan. To this end, the Afghan people voted for former President Hamid Karzai with confidence in and high expectations on his government. Unfortunately, he and his den of thieves (like afghan Alibaba and 40 thieves) did hardly nothing noteworthy for the country of Afghanistan during his 13 years in power. Karzai's government did not care about the people. Its mistakes were the reason why terrorists found a fertile breeding ground in Afghanistan that increased the intensity of the war which continued to this day. He did even more damage to democracy in Afghanistan.


He was not interested in doing the work of running the country, but was instead busy lining his pockets and those of his cabinet members. Although about 54% of the Afghan population live below the poverty line, the thieves in the Karzai government used various tricks to loot the country's treasury and enrich themselves and about 500 of their closest allies. Even though there was an urgent need to invest public money in efforts to reduce poverty, reconstruct the country, introduce democratic order, and improve the standard of living for 32 million Afghans.



This predatory tradition has now been passed on like a tradition to President Ghani and his government, which is powerless to counteract the legacy left behind by Karzai and his henchmen. Karzai's government caused such serious damage through its mismanagement that its successor, i.e. President Ghani's government, has still not managed to repair it with any success. So the main culprit is former Afghan President Hamid Karzai. But the mafiosi in the former Karzai government still have their hands in the pot under Ghani's government. They want to regain their share of power in the future governance of Afghanistan.


The government of Afghanistan is not supposed to be a business doling out favours to different groups for their private profit. It should be a government in which cabinet offices and civil servant posts are only filled by suitable and qualified persons. Afghanistan has enough homeland-loving, conscientious, and educated professionals. 


We have a large number of candidates available to fill future government positions in the event of a government takeover. These are people who will respect freedom and women's rights. Some of them are in Afghanistan and working in various offices. Others currently live in exile. In order not to endanger these persons, we will not give their names here. We are looking for other candidates to assume future cabinet or government offices, regardless of whether they currently reside in or outside of Afghanistan. For us, all Afghans are equal. We want to establish a government that works for all 32 million Afghans. We do not want to govern like former President Karzai or current President Ghani where a group of about 500 line their pockets.


This gang has robbed hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars from Afghanistan during the Karzai and Ghani governments and deposited it in foreign bank accounts or invested it in foreign property. The stolen assets are the property of 32 million Afghans, especially the poor people living in Afghanistan. We ask the international community to confiscate the assets in question and return them to the Afghan people. This money is to be used by social institutions to improve the standard of living of the poor in Afghanistan.

These thieves will try to flee abroad together with the stolen funds, apply for asylum, and eventually escape prosecution. We appeal to the international community not to grant these people asylum and residence, but instead to hand them over to Afghanistan.


We have proposed a compromise for those who have illegally enriched themselves with the public money of the Afghan people. These people should give the money back to the Afghan government because this money belongs to the poor in Afghanistan. Only then could amnesty be considered. Otherwise, they would face criminal consequences if we were to take over the government. This is the final warning to those who have committed these thefts. We mean it seriously because our politics is no fun.


Some Afghan politicians, who criticise the USA, and the world community, are the ones who have stolen billions from the public purse in Afghanistan.

We wish to thank intelligent politicians like US President Donald Trump, the United States, and the international community for helping us Afghans to rebuild the country and supporting our country in the fight against terrorism. Should the USA and the world community leave Afghanistan, Afghanistan would soon fall into the hands of terrorists.


We ask the international community to blacklist those countries that support terrorists and to impose sanctions against them.


The rays of the sun illuminate every corner of the world. God created the sun for all people in the world, because he is of course the God of all nations, regardless of different religious affiliations. We respect the world religions like Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and others. Islam is a holy religion that strictly forbids the killing of innocent people. The terrorists who kill innocent people under the name of Islam are giving a false image of Islam to the world.


Several conferences of Muslim scholars (ulema) have taken place this year: representatives from 57 countries gathered in Saudi Arabia, 2900 scholars (ulema) gathered in Kabul, and others gathered in Indonesia. At each of these conferences, the scholars (ulema) confirmed that the killing of innocent people is forbidden in Islam. They declared violent extremism, suicide bombings, and thus the tactics of the Taliban and IS groups in Afghanistan to be contrary to Islam and illegal.


The so-called Taliban fighters are neither mullahs (scholars) nor real taliban (students of the Qu'ran). They are terrorists. They must realise that the war they are waging in Afghanistan has nothing to do with Islam. This war is killing innocent people, including women, children, and the elderly, setting fire to schools and committing suicide attacks in bazaars, market squares, mosques, and sports stadiums. These satanic and barbaric acts are not allowed in any of the world's religions. They damage Islam and its reputation with their evil deeds. The terrorists ought to know that no one in history has yet managed to win a war against the Afghan people. The Afghan army is getting stronger by the day. We hereby warn the Taliban that they will certainly lose this war. That is why they should lay down their weapons and surrender. We call on the Taliban to renounce the work of Satan. Otherwise they will be destroyed by firestorm of bombs and ammunition and go to hell.


A mafia group working with terrorists is an integral part of the current Afghan government. We want to protect Afghanistan and its government from being taken over by such gangs.

We want to make the Afghan army once again one of the best armies in the world for self-defence. It should be equipped with the most modern weapons and have state-of-the art aerial weaponry.


In Afghanistan, about 3 million people are currently addicted to drugs. We want to severely punish those who cultivate and traffic drugs. In the future, Afghanistan must no longer be a country where these activities take place.


We also want to stop the looting of Afghanistan's natural resources.

We want to strongly support Afghanistan's agriculture, industry, merchants, and economy. We want to support the Afghan tourism industry so that tourists will once again visit our beautiful homeland in the future.


Often, fewer than 20% of Afghan MPs attend parliament sessions. Those who are missing are busy with private activities, business, and smuggling. We do not want a parliament that does not fulfil its purpose and tasks.


Members of Parliament should be expected to respect order and discipline and have the necessary qualifications. A successful background check should be required before they run for office.


If we take over the government, we will introduce a state of emergency for the first 6 months.


With kind regards,


Hayatullah Maiwand
Chairman of the FDPA