Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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Total members: 117.524 (26 June 2017)




Since April 2018, the citizens of Afghanistan have supposedly had the opportunity to register to participate in the 2018 parliamentary elections. Due to the fact that only a few citizens had signed up to participate after one month, the electoral commission decided to extend the deadline by 1 month.


Some citizens were even forced to register to participate against their will.

The electoral commission decided to make note of the issuance of registration cards by attaching a sticker on to copies of identification documents. However, this method facilitates election fraud. As per the media reports, it was told that some people used up to 20 copies of identification cards to obtain several registration cards. Some fraudsters own up to 6 identification cards, which were used several times to register for the election. Identification cards are sold or bought for a price of 1,000 Afghanis (equivalent 14 USD) so that they can be used to manipulate the elections. A type of mafia organisation is in power and their goal is to secure their own position in the future central parliament and provincial parliaments.


According to information from the Afghan electoral commission, 4.2 million citizens have already registered for the future parliament elections. As a result of the serious manipulations, as mentioned above, we believe that approx. 60 percent of the distributed registration cards were issued illegally. If this share was deducted from the whole figure amounting to 4.2 million, only around 1,680,000 ballot cards would be legally valid. Among the 17 million eligible voters, this would correspond to a share of approx. 10 %. The low voter turnout, which the mistaken policy of President Ashraf Ghani is responsible for, is not sufficient for the legitimacy of the parliamentary elections.


The candidates for the parliamentary seats should have the appropriate qualification, be neutral and have a university degree. By participating in basic training courses lasting between 3 to 6 months, they should be given information about democracy and be taught about constitutional law, women’s rights and infrastructure. The Afghan government failed to ensure the necessary qualification of the candidates.


Due to the aforementioned falsifications and the low voter turnout, we are now boycotting the parliamentary elections. The majority of the Afghan population made it clear that they would also be boycotting the parliamentary elections by not participating in the elections.


The aforementioned type of electoral fraud has taken place in Afghanistan several times before; even during ex President Hamid Karsai’s period in office. Electoral manipulations are surely to be expected at the next presidential elections as well.


In consideration of the circumstance represented above, we believe that it would be better for an international world community to take over the role to nominate qualified and suitable members of parliament for the central and provincial Afghan parliaments, in lieu of leaving it in the hands of electoral fraudsters. This is the only way to avoid the domestic mafia from reoccupying the central and provincial parliaments.


This also applies to the election of the future head of government in Afghanistan, who should also be nominated by the international world community because the country needs order to hold democratic and legitimate elections and we all know that democracy fails without order.

For quite some time, the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have increased. Therefore, we would like to direct the following at the Taliban:


To date, you have killed numerous innocent civilians including children, women and older people as a result of your combat operations.
Furthermore, you have burned down schools and hospitals and even killed sick people within the hospitals.
You murder innocent youngsters in sports stadiums.
You killed people within the mosques.
You murdered journalists.
You abducted people and forced shop owners and business people to handover cash payments.
You are involved in drug trafficking.
You plunder natural resources.
You fight in the name of Islam but you misuse the religion and your actions damage the good name of Islam.
Your actions are forbidden in Islam, which is why one day you will brought to justice before the courts

Therefore we urge you (Taliban) to do the following:


lay down your weapons
recognise the basic law of Afghanistan
respect women’s rights
participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan
those of you who can credibly claim that you made a mistake and thus, show regret could be promised amnesty. If you are a suitable candidate and have the appropriate qualification, you could also apply for public offices.

A better offer is rather unlikely. In the event of your rejection, you (Taliban) are at risk of being destroyed and going to hell due to your misdeeds.  

The so-called peace council in Afghanistan is useless and has made no significant contributions to peace in Afghanistan to date.


In doing so, the work of the peace council since its foundation has cost almost 1 billion dollars without even achieving a positive result. Therefore, we request the closing of the peace council.


All financial aid from the West are being wasted by the Afghan government. The Afghan government is mainly composed of corrupt rulers and thieves. The citizens do not trust this government. Mineral oil to the value of 156 million dollars was stolen from the army stocks. Furthermore, thousands of police and military vehicles were stolen and they were either resold or used for private or commercial purposes.


There is no order in the Afghan government! The government is involved in corruption in all sectors.


The justice sector is corrupt
The administrative sector is corrupt
The customs sector is corrupt
The military sector is corrupt
The police sector is corrupt
The school and education sector is corrupt

Most of the rulers of the Afghan government are members of the mafia. This mafia was also involved in the government during ex President Hamid Karsai’s period in office and will continue to maintain a mafia government and mafia parliament in Afghanistan.

97% of the population are unsatisfied with the current government.

54% of the Afghani population live below the poverty level.

The number of drug addicts, including youngsters and women has increased and is currently at approx. 3 million.


On 14.5.18 President Ashraf Ghani mentioned that the nation should inform him if they do not like one or the other minister from his cabinet and he would ensure that the minister in question would be suspended from his office. The nation requested President Ashraf Ghani to resign in front of the cameras on several occasions. But President Ghani has not respected the requests of the people by keeping his ears and eyes shut. We are joining this movement and demand his resignation.  


In the event that our party were to take over government responsibility in Afghanistan, we will destroy terrorists in Afghanistan, win the war and establish peace.


We would like to thank the USA and the world community for their help to our country Afghanistan.


Yours sincerely,


Hayattullah Maiwand

1st Chair of the FDPA