Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
Hürderstrasse 4 - D-85551 Kirchheim - Germany - Fax 0049 (0) 89 - 329 21 73

Total members: 117.524 (26 June 2017)




The Afghan people want to live in peace after 39 years of war, suffering and poverty.

It is unquestionable that we also want peace in Afghanistan, but not at any price.

We want to negotiate peace with the Taliban only when the government led by President Ashraf Ghani has announced that it will step down because it is corrupt and promotes nepotism. Furthermore, President Ashraf Ghani’s government has also failed to achieve any successes with either of its domestic or foreign policies.

Even though we show every respect and sympathy concerning President Ashraf Ghani’s illness, we do not think his behaviour is at all appropriate. We do not approve of the way that he bangs the table with his fists and makes theatrical hand gestures in all directions during political discussions. We also do not approve of the way that he attempts to intimidate his audience by shouting into the microphone.

When we negotiate peace with the Taliban, we will require that the Taliban respects the rights of women. We will also demand that the Taliban recognises and respects the Afghan constitution.

Yours faithfully

Hayattullah Maiwand

1.Chairman of FDPA