Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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No deals with terrorists!


Dear Leaders,


Terrorists fighting in Afghanistan have hitherto killed many innocent civilians, including women and children. They have kidnapped people and extorted money from them. They have also set fire to schools and killed sick people inside hospitals. Such acts have nothing to do with Islam. On the contrary, they are barbaric and diabolical offenses against humanity.


Terrorists represent a real danger for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the whole world. Therefore the world community needs to take decisive action against them.


We Afghans do not want to be intimidated by terrorists.


The Taliban in Afghanistan must unconditionally lay down their weapons and

respect the Afghan constitution. Taliban participation in the Afghan government must not be accepted as a condition for laying down their weapons.


Those Taliban members who credibly admit their mistakes and therefore show regret for their action could be promised amnesty if they promise to help rebuild Afghanistan. If suitable and qualified, they could then apply for public office.


We want the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar closed, as this office has not met its intended purpose.


The terrorists should know that they have no chance of success in Afghanistan. The Afghan army is growing stronger every day with international support.


Kindest Regards,


Hayattullah Maiwand

1. Chairman of the FDPA